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Happy Hollandaise (in April)! 😂

April 11, 2017

Ok, there was somewhere nearby (Sedona, AZ). But it sure felt like we were in the middle of nowhere! Our views around us made it feel that way too.

In this new video we get ready for Christmas, I fail at doing my hair, record little Christmas greetings, saw lots of rainbows, had a White Christmas!

Yes, we are just talking about our Christmas now… Hahaha sorry about that!

We decided to spend Christmas alone this year, which I had mixed feelings about. It was our first Christmas just us, and our little family. So naturally I tried to make it as special as possible, so I could really feel like it was Christmas! I decorated, made special drinks, food, played a lot of Christmas music, etc. I won’t lie I kind of had a breakdown Christmas Eve. Kevin left to download our little Christmas greetings because our internet wasn’t fast enough. Looking back on it I wish I went with him. I was home for like 3 hours alone on Christmas Eve which was enough to feel so incredibly alone. It never really felt like Christmas until we skyped with our family on Christmas morning. I am so happy we asked to do this.  I am the social one of us, so I need interaction with humans, in particular, family. Kevin is definitely more of an introvert. So while he loved/preferred our own little Christmas, I really missed family. Maybe someday I will be satisfied with our own Christmas, but for now decided to go home for Christmas this year! 😉

What a will say was I am SO happy I made Sedona our destination for our Christmas. We had a White Christmas! Which is something I haven’t had in many years. Something about it feels so magical and right. 🙂

Happy Hollandaise! Which is our new tradition! Cover everything in Hollandaise sauce. I am drooling looking at these meals we had. So. good.

After all of that heavy food, we decide to go on a long hike and to wander around Sedona looking for some nice rocks for me to turn into jewelry! Sedona is where I discovered silversmithing being something I wanted to pursue, I bought craftsy classes and did a bunch of research! So natually the next step is to start a rock collection.

Then we go for a beautiful hike in the red rocks, followed by some amazing tamales! After that we get back to work before celebrating New Years!


Where we ate


Delicious tamales, particularly amazing after a long, cold hike!! YUMMMM

Where we stayed

Loy Butte Road

We parked on Loy Butte, where we stayed last year and first fell in love with boondocking. The coordinates? 34.8612, -111.9446 We love it here so much, 360 views of the red rocks, and beautiful tall grass. Minimal cactus, but our dogs are pros at avoiding them now! 💪🏽

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    Y’all should just make a cookbook. I keep seeing all this amazing food you’re making and I need to try some of it! Make a cookbook, I’d totally buy that 😉

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