Hi, I am Mandy. I am 28 years old, 2 years into my marriage to Kevin, and am a creative who loves trying new things. My full time job is as a wedding photographer. Working for yourself is awesome, and I adore weddings and all of my clients. I am the luckiest. In the past I have modeled, worked at an e-retailer, fashion blogged (it’s still live but barely), tried and failed at starting a clothing company. Also, heads up, if bad words bother you this may not be the best blog for you (ie: I have a potty mouth).

Kevin is my super cool and genius 27 year old (I am robbing the cradle) husband. He is pretty much God’s gift to the tech world, he started reading computer coding books at the ripe age of 13. He has never had a typical 9-5 office job, and it was he who really encouraged me to go after what I wanted, even if it got me fired which it did; shit, back to him. He is running three apps currently which are how he contributes to our bills. Move (an app that reminds you to get off your ass and move), Moment (an app that reminds you to put your phone down and live your fucking life), and Focus (an app that reminds you not to be on your phone while driving because you will die). He is only getting started making awesome apps, so I am sure this is only the beginning.

A couple living in a camper


We have four pets. Two dogs and two cats. They are our constant entertainment and our best friends. Most people think we are nuts for bringing them along, but we adore them, they are one happy family, and we couldn’t even imagine separating them.

Pets in an RV

Why 188 sqft?

So we got married and it was awesome. But we had this moment after like…. now what? Most couples we knew were buying houses, and/or having kids. We almost bought a house, but realized that is not really the direction we wanted to go in. We have a shit ton of student debt, and we didn’t want to add the cost of a house onto that. ALSO, we were dying to explore the world. I have always been this way. Traveling?! YES PLEASE. Even as a child I set the goal to visit every country in the world… Well, I guess this doesn’t get me on track for this goal but hey, this is a good start.

Last winter we decided to take a 2.5 month long trip soak up the sun of the south in my aunts pop up camper. Why? I don’t take winter weddings so I can have time off, and Kev can work anywhere. And well, winter was bumming us out. We had a friend live at our apartment to watch our kitty, Nimbus (we didn’t have grizzly yet), because he would have hated a pop up camper. We paid rent on our apt while we were gone so when we got home everything was back to normal. 

During that trip we fell in love with the road. We kept jokingly saying, what if we did this full time? There are so many reasons not to, that it kept us at bay for about 5 months. Enough time for us to move into a cooler place in a cooler part of town, and I was distracted with my busiest season. But as winter approached we started chatting about the road again. That is when we came up with a plan. You can read more about that process here.

But we did it, we got rid of 80% of our stuff (we still have a storage unit), found someone to finish up our lease, bought and renovated a fifth wheel, and bought a truck, all in 1 month… It was insane but so awesome. Since December 17th,2015, we have been living in this camper and we.love.it.

Long term goals

The sailing lifestyle? Who knows. Stay with us as we figure this stuff out! Long term stuff isn’t really our thing.