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Austin, TX

January 8, 2017

Oh Austin. How we adore thee.

Good food, weird vibes, new friends, rain, and pecans sum up this trip to Austin. But I guess I could go into more detail.

If you have read our Bolivar Peninsula post you know that we had to leave our beautiful front yard on the beach to head to Austin a couple days early. As sad as we were to leave the beach we were super excited to hang out with Heath and Alyssa Padgett again. We met them on the road last year in Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas after following each other for quite some time. Kevin and Heath originally met through Kevin’s app Moment. Heath found the app, e-mailed Kevin and that is how their friendship began! We were so excited to meet them, and it was even better when we all hit it off.

They were spending some time parked in Austin while we were passing through. So on our way West we decided we must visit them, and eat our favorite barbeque! We arrive in the rain, and at night which are our two least favorite ways to arrive to a new spot… But oh well, we made it work. Had some much deserved wine with the Padgetts after.

The next couple days consisted of editing (for me), coding (for kevin), pet snuggles, and rain. Luckily we snuck a few fun moments with the Padgetts like some mimosas and delicious breakfast, a trip to the hot tub, and just some general hang out time. As the weather started clearing up though, we got out! And our friends Trinity and Kermit who we met in Florida were also in Austin so we got to hang with them!

They invited us over to check out their digs, then we headed down to Rainey Street in Austin for a drink before BARBEQUE. We always enjoy Stiles Switch, like, more than enjoy. Like die to get the meat in our mouth holes as soon as possible. I am not a huge red meat eater, but that place makes me rethink my life choices.

The next day we head to Hamilton Pool with the gang. What a gorgeous place! In the middle of nowhere this beautiful waterfall is hiding in hill country. We goof off for a bit near the lovely falls, then head for some food and dranks. All around great times with these amazing people. (insert heart eye emoji)

The next day. It rained. Again. BUT we had some new people to meet! Matt has been an awesome instagram friend, with his amazing knowledge of the US and all the cool places in it. When he saw we were in Austin he invited us over for a campfire and a drink. We had SO much fun getting to know him and his family. Oh, the people you meet on the road. Such an amazing experience. THEN DONUTS! We had to check out Gourdoughs while we were in Austin, we missed it the last two times, but we will be frequenting it everytime we go back to Austin… BECAUSE DONUT.

We get super domestic to make some grub for our neighbors and new neighbors Madison & Cees of Our Vie. More new people! I swear we don’t usually meet this many amazing people in one week! So much good stuff! These guys are going to all of the National Parks in one year! They only have a couple more! So follow the adventure!

After dinner we get pumped up to go two stepping for the first time! It is Kevin’s first time like actually dancing in his life, which was awesome. I used to ballroom dance, so it was hard for me not to lead my little newbie around. 😉 It was the perfect last night for such an amazing time in Austin! We love you strange and delicious Austin!


Where we ate

Stiles Switch I am not sure if you noticed in the video, but we LOVE this place. Every time we are in Austin we come here and we have never been let down. Brisket, all the ribs, and sides are always freaking fantastic.

Kerbey Lane I have dreams about this queso. Seriously.

Gourdoughs As you may know we are slightly obsessed with donuts. We like to try the “famous” donut in all the places we visit. Gourdoughs did not dissapoint. Kev thinks it was his favorite donut ever, I think it was def in my top 5!

Where we danced

Dance Across Texas Such a true texas experience. We learned how to two step here! Hoping to check out more places to dance when we come back!


xo Mandy

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  • Reply Kim February 10, 2017 at 10:01 pm

    We really enjoy watching your videos and your blog. You provide a lot of inspiration! We haven’t seen all the videos yet but have seen the ones with Luna’s allergy issues. I just wanted to share that we have a dog that started out with itchy feet, then itchy back and eventually to hives and facial swelling. It took almost 6 weeks of dog food ingredient elimination to determine that she was allergic to all pea products, including chick peas. A lot of dog foods are changing their formulas to include peas in order to bump up protein levels cheaply; some are changing their contents from one bag to the next so label reading is now essential. The final determination was one small dog treat that contained 4 simple ingredients but pea flour was the first ingredient and our dog’s head swelled to the size of a basketball within 15 minutes. Finding a dry dog food that doesn’t contain pea “anything” is difficult but you should try eliminating this ingredient first. It is becoming a growing issue on a number of dog forums. Apparently many dogs have difficulty digesting and breaking down the enzymes in peas. We found only a few dry dog foods that didn’t contain peas (Chewy.com posts the dog food ingredient labels to many brands so you can research easily from their site). All of the “grain-free” products seem to have peas so we went back to products that contained either rice, oatmeal or barley and the usual meat proteins. We were even looking at corn again. Dogs can handle most grains without any allergic reaction and that became our priority. Hope it helps a little in your elimination trial. It could also be some other ingredient like dairy, wheat or soy but try eliminating peas first – it is so prevalent now. And give it three to five days to see an improvement. It was a scary, scary ordeal and Luna reminds us so much of what we went through in the beginning. Pets are family to us too. Safe and happy travels!

    • Reply Kevin February 10, 2017 at 10:09 pm

      Thanks for the help, Kim! And thanks for watching!

      Luckily, Luna is all better now. We’re not sure what exact ingredient it was, but switching her to a grain-free food did the trick. We switched her from Purina Pro Plan to Taste of the Wild. I’ll definitely remember to check for peas if we see any allergy issues creeping in again.

      Thanks for looking out for us and our pets

  • Reply John Thompson February 12, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    very cool story about my beloved Austin, Its a great city, lived on Lake Travis for 23 yrs, now loving my 24 acres in Palestine Texas

    • Reply Kevin February 14, 2017 at 8:00 pm

      We love it in Austin. Such a beautiful area and the food. Mmmm the food

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