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Beginning of our Vlog!

December 4, 2016

Hi my lovely humans,

We have missed you. While we have treated Instagram more like a blog, we haven’t forgotten about our actual blog, things have just been insane for us. We have had an eventful month on the road so far. But I don’t want to spoil the fun! Kev is working on those vlogs this week.

If you do not follow us on Instagram, we announced a couple weeks ago that we started a vlog. Surprise! We started a vlog! And we have 3 videos in it for your viewing pleasure.

I (Mandy) am going to try to write blog posts whenever we post a new video. Kevin has willingly taken the editing responsibilities which is awesome. Because if it were up to me to edit, I am pretty sure we wouldn’t be making videos. Photo is my thing, not video. Kev has 3 videos in his queue right now that he wants to get out of his inbox, so we may be having a lot of videos this week! Be prepared to get caught up with our trip so far.

Can’t wait to watch them? You can find our playlist for “our story” here, a little more patient? I am going to write a little blurb about each video below:

Episode #00

We moved out of the campground we were at all summer around October 16th, which was super stressful because it was smack dab in the middle of my wedding season. They weren’t originally going to close until the 31st, but some things came up and we had to find another place to park. Luckily there was a place not too far away with hookups! Only downside? It was next to a SUPER loud train. I would wake up in the middle of the night between 2am-4am thinking that we were going to be run over by the train. Didn’t get the greatest sleep the couple of weeks we were parked there.

After we moved we had some serious crunch time. I had a ton of weddings to catch up editing, and I still had two weddings to photograph! Not to mention we were leaving November 1st, and we wanted to see all of our friends and family a few more times! So stress levels were a bit high, and we had our fridge die on us… We call this episode #00 because it was before we got ready for the road, and it was a practice round for “our story”. Enjoy!

Episode #01

We move from our campground to driveway surf at Kevin’s parents house for a couple days as I photograph my last wedding for the year, and we go to two of our friends Halloween Parties! While we are there Kev replaces our bathroom floor that was peeling up and looked awful. I threw our costumes together, luckily for mine I didn’t have to buy anything new, apparently I dress like a gypsy. 😉 But that made it super easy! Kevs costume was just a thick poster board, a table cloth from goodwill, and a costume astronaut helmet we bought online! Soooo easy, but still fun. 🙂 I love the clip of him playing beer pong with his costume on. He kept running into things and knocking drinks over, it was hilarious. A true “bowl” in a china shop. Kev actually thought it was bowl, and not bull… lol

After all the Halloween fun we had to say goodbye. Goodbyes are never easy. Honestly, leaving our family and friends behind is the only bad thing about traveling full time. We officially left Pittsburgh, I will be flying back quite a few times over the summer/fall, but our little home won’t be back for a while. Enjoy!

Episode #02

While this video is probably the least fun video ever, we had SO much trailer work to do before we hit the road. Luckily my parents offered their house up to us for the couple days we had before we needed to hit the road. We worked our fingers to the bone during these couple days, but also tried to take a little time to hang with my parents before we left for the trip. We built a dog kennel, purged our crap, fixed our wobbly stairs, finished taking off our decals, replaced caulk on the outside, kevin got sick, the dogs got a LOT of exercise, put up a few light blocking curtains, added covers over our skylight vents (so we don’t get rained on when it rains and they are open), repainted our hardware, washed the outside, waxed the outside. Crazy run-on sentence, but I wanted to tell you all the crap we did that week, and make you realize how much crap it truly was.

Man, I am exhausted even watching this video… blah

But thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed these! Much more fun stuff coming your way.


xo Manders



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