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Bolivar Peninsula, TX

December 27, 2016
Sunset with fifth wheel camper

To say we were excited about this location would be an understatement. Last year we visited High Island, TX to visit my cousin, and we found the area so charming. Being next to a pretty quiet beach is definitely a bonus. When we did some research on where to go on the coast of Texas we were AMAZED to find that you can park on the beach for $10 total. When we went to pay our $10, they said they ran out of permits for the year, so we didn’t have to pay! What? haha So we ended up parking on the beach for free. Gosh, it is amazing to park next to the ocean for free. To have your home so close?! Magic, but sometimes there is a catch. In our case, flooding warnings were out that we didn’t know about. But more on that later.

We arrived at dusk, which we NEVER recommend to anyone. Ever. Especially not when parking on the beach. But we decided to live a bit dangerously and pull down a road that looked like it had more beach than others that we saw (thanks google satellite). Arriving at high tide was key though, so you can see how high the water will be that day. I trusted the tide charts a bit more than Kevin, and wasn’t worried about floating away at all! Apparently, Kevin had nightmares. :\

A few negatives that we feel we should mention:

  1. Sand everywhere inside.
  2. Cars did pass right in front of us a few times, some fisherman and such.
  3. The beach was horribly littered.

Other than those things, hearing the waves outside our camper at night, seeing the horizon out of our window, and the crisp winds. It was all sooooo worth it. Even when we were greeted by a lovely older gentleman who told us that there was some bad weather coming our way and we should consider moving to higher ground. After checking the location we were we saw a few flooding warnings, which basically scared us off of the beach and on to our next destination. We were so sad to leave, but we were so grateful to that man who literally saved us. We would have been screwed.

Here is our video:

Where we stayed

Our coordinates and more detailed information can be found here: https://www.campendium.com/bolivar-flats-free-beach

And here are some of my favorite photos from our stay here:

Guy walking his dogs on the beach, rv in the background Camper interior with ocean outside of window Fifth wheel parked on the beach Golden doodle running on the beach Guy walking his dogs on the beach Golden doodle running on the beach Fifth wheel parked on the beach stormy sky Fifth wheel parked on the beach stormy sky Camper renovated interior Sunset on Bolivar Peninsula Fifth wheel renovation with puppy Fifth wheel on the beach Golden doodle running on the beach Fifth wheel renovation with puppy Fifth wheel renovation with dog and cat cuddling Sunset from an RV window Clam shell opened on the beach

Hope you enjoyed the video and our photos! We only spent 2.5 days here, and cannot wait to come back when the weather is a bit more calm.

xo Mandy

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