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Boondocking in Sedona

March 30, 2017

Hey guys! It’s been a minute. The road has been super kind to us lately, but we have been SO busy! Visiting friends and family, and figuring out where we want our youtube channel/blog to go. We decided to start making smaller vlogs so we can get them out faster and they are less of a burden for Kevin to edit. Editing a 40 minute video takes FOREVERRRRRR. So our goal is to make shorter videos more consistently. Keep in mind, we both work full time and making content is purely for fun. We appreciate your patience and support. 🙂

Now, on to the fun stuff! We head to Sedona! 💃🏻 Which is one of our favorite places to boondock so far, and where we decided to spend Christmas. We decided to stay at an RV resort to stock up on water, take long showers, and charge everything. We thought this RV resort would be super fancy and fun! However, it ended up being nothing special. Including the shower house being closed, the water not working, and a construction site waking us up at 7:30AM! 😿 I am not a morning person.

So first thing in the morning we head out to our favorite boondocking spot where we are happy to see everything is the same as it was last year, but we decide to pull in a bit deeper in to the spot to be further from the road. Once we get there we instantly feel relaxed and so grateful to be back in the wild.

Lots of cute animal moments, Christmas preparations, and all around fun in this video!


Where we stayed

Verde Valley RV & Camping Resort

Definitely not a “resort”, just an RV park with unreliable hookups and some grumpy tenants.

Loy Butte Road

We parked on Loy Butte, where we stayed last year and first fell in love with boondocking. The coordinates? 34.8612, -111.9446 We love it here so much, 360 views of the red rocks, and beautiful tall grass. Minimal cactus, but our dogs are pros at avoiding them now! 💪🏽

xxxx Mandy

More pics in the next post filled with Christmas goodness!

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