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Getting rid of our shiz

March 19, 2016

(look mom, I didn’t say shit!)

If you have looked at other RV’ers or tiny house’ers, there are many people who have an amazing method to getting rid of all their stuff. Some of them have a super fancy scientific equation that helps you know what exactly to get rid of before moving into an RV. We didn’t have time to do the math and honestly we didn’t feel like figuring out that equation. We winged it. We still have a small storage unit (10×15) holding some family heirlooms, memory stuff, wedding gifts, and maybe a bit of clothing… So we aren’t experts, but this is how we did it.

Let’s break it down, shall we? We bought, renovated, and moved into our camper in two months. Our priority was getting our camper move-in ready. By the time we did that and shopped for Christmas, we had like no time left to go through our stuff. We went through each room together, looking at each item and asked ourselves “do we need this?” or “does this bring us joy?” and honestly, those two questions helped us get rid of all that crap.

Took about 8 truck and/or explorer loads to Goodwill and the Free Store in Wilkinsburg.

Took about 8 truck and/or explorer loads to Goodwill and the Free Store in Wilkinsburg.

Just the thought of moving into a camper, we knew we had to get rid of a lot of our things. If we didn’t use some fancy kitchen gadget we got rid of it, much to Kevin’s dismay. If I had 20 dresses that I had yet to wear, I got rid of them (true story). If we had some trunk full of antique bricks that I found at a thrift store (not a true story), we had to get rid of it. Something we learned early on is that our camper is not able to hold much in terms of weight. Surprisingly enough, we had plenty of storage space. We didn’t even struggle to fit the stuff we decided to bring in our camper! I was shocked by this, but it definitely helped our crazy timeline.

I know what you are thinking… “ok really Mandy?! You had no problems at all?! You lying C WORD!”  Some of you who know me know that I have a serious obsession with clothing. I had a room in our old apt that was my closet. I got rid of so much clothing, I was sort of numb afterwards (a bit dramatic maybe, but it was hard). I don’t like to wear the same things over again. I love getting dressed, it’s my favorite part about leaving the RV, because let’s be honest if I have no where to go I am wearing PJs all day.

I was often overwhelmed by my “room closet” I had probably 8 average size closets worth of clothing, if not more. No joke. Ask Kevin. “Hoarder” crosses my mind, but quickly gets rejected because no way, not me!! 😉 I would never admit to myself that I was overwhelmed by it until I got rid of most of it. Now I can actually see what I have and let my creative juices flow!

See?! Definitely not a hoarder....

See?! Definitely not a hoarder….

But I won’t deny that I have still been accumulating clothing while we have been on the road. Thrift shops in the south have me eating out of their palms, speaking of Palm Springs HOLY THRIFT GODS! Anyway, the bourbon in me is talking now.

We will be parked in Pittsburgh for a few months starting in May. We have goals to go through our stuff again then. UGH, I thought I would only have to do this once! 🙁 But we are learning with my shop record, we will have to purge more often than normal people.

What I am trying to say is less=more. More=too much. Too much=hoarder. I think there are books that tell you about that, but why read them when you have me breaking it down for you?

You’re welcome.

We lvoe yew.


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  • Reply Sarah! April 25, 2016 at 1:05 am

    Maybe you could try a one-in-one-out policy. Figure out a good amount of clothes to have, and then any time you buy something new you have to donate something old!

    • Reply Kevin June 13, 2016 at 9:11 pm

      That’s a great idea. If only we had the discipline for that 😛

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