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New Orleans, LA

December 17, 2016

Let me just start out by saying New Orleans is one of my all time favorite places. I remember being in The Spotted Cat a couple years ago with the amazing Kristina Morales & The Bayou Shufflers playing. It was one of those moments where I was so overwhelmed by the music, scene around me, it was all so beautiful. I was in heaven. Every time I go back to this city, it never disappoints. We have come here three times now in our pop up camper once, and our fifth wheel twice. SO GOOD. Ok, now I will chat with you about our most recent trip here.

We had a day or so before our guest Nick arrived, so we were hustling to clean and get ready for our guest! When we arrived, the first thing we wanted to do was check out the fish market, we had never been before and have heard good things so we stopped by. Grabbed some red snapper to cook later, and a quick meal at one of the booths. Fried Ocra?! DELISH.

We try spaghetti squash for the first time and it is our new favorite thing… You will probably see a lot of it in the next couple videos. Bake a few things to prepare for our Thanksgiving feast at my cousin Cassie’s!

Nick arrives in the evening and we start to plan our trip while he is here! Lots of fun stuff to be planned, but first we have Thanksgiving the next day. We split up cooking duties with Cassie, and all made something different. But first we decided to go to the derby. We have never been to a horse derby (Nick has), and all of Cassie’s friends told her it is a “must do” on Thanksgiving day. So we dressed up and checked it out. Kevin and Nick got into betting a bit, while Cassie and I were more into the fashion! *heart eyes everywhere* I love horses so I wasn’t super into seeing them race, but I got to pet a few. 🙂

After we got back to Cassie’s, we changed into comfy clothes and started to cook! I am so glad we didn’t do it in our kitchen btw, 3 people cooking at once in our tiny space?! It would not have been pretty… But wow, everything was so delicious.

The next day we went on a cemetery tour, which was super fun! Especially with a hurricane in hand. 😉 But we found it fascinating all the history about burying people and why they had to go above ground, you know, all the gory stuff. The dudes were more into this tour than I was (total history buffs), but our tour guide made it interesting! Also, that hurricane. After that we needed food, stat, so we headed to a restaurant recommended by an awesome instagram follower. We feasted, and worked our way back into the quarter for some music and beignets. Then turned in for the night.

We had such a perfect plan while Nick was here, and the following day was the day for crawfish. Our plan was flawless, Nick would get to enjoy our favorite crawfish place that we discovered while staying at St. Bernard State Park the first time we visited. A hole in the wall, but our favorite crawfish we have ever had. Amazing flavor, not too much spice, and SO FREAKING GOOD. We arrive to the Casanova’s Seafood and it is closed for the holidays. We cried. Then we drove down the road and had a pretty good meal at Charlie’s.

Because I am an obnoxious Christmas person, I wanted to get a tree right away. We had our camera man (Nick) record us during this process where I proceeded to make a fool out of myself trying to make friends with a girl who ignored me twice… Poor me, lucky for you, it is all on camera. We went home to regroup and Kev took a nap. We were going to uber down to Frenchmen St. but sadly no one wanted to pick us up. We tried for an hour. Luckily Kevin, being the guy that he is, offered to stay sober and drive. Man, I am one lucky girl. I love the street market with all of the artists, and we always love to check out the live music. Not to mention the hot dogs! Great drinking food…

The next afternoon we decided to go on an airboat tour! It was stunning. The bayou is such a unique place. Also, this if my favorite part of our video because it is so freaking epic! We were starving after the tour so we stopped at Bouttes Bayou Restaurant for lunch! Shrimp po-boys foreverrrrr, and amazing service. We went home to regroup then headed down to the Garden District for dinner and to check out the houses there. Nick is an architect so we wanted him to see the amazing houses down there. Ending the night with a beer.

Nick had an early flight the next day, thank goodness Kev doesn’t mind waking up early to drop him off. I don’t work ’til at least 9am. We had so much fun with Nick! He really got us to explore a lot more than we usually do. 🙂

After some much needed clean up time, we grabbed some pralines to ship to some family and friends! And just like that our stay in Nola has come to a close.

Check out the amazing video Kevin edited here:

Stayed in

Bayou Segnette State Park

We love this park for a couple reasons. It is close to downtown, has wonderful showers, and it is super close to an amazing fish market. Only complaints this year was we had a ladybug attack on Thanksgiving day. They. were. everywhere.

Ate at

Westwego Shrimp Lot (and Market Wego)

Awesome fresh fish, crabs, and shrimp! We also had two poboys and some fried ocra. YUM.

Palace Cafe

I really enjoyed the catfish pecan, I adore catfish… Just looking at the footage of it makes me want it, now.

Cafe Du Monde

Always worth the wait. Lovely beignets, delicious coffee, and a perfect pick me up after a long day exploring.

Casanova’s (we didn’t get to eat here this year, but it’s worth a mention)

Yes, this is the place that we drove to only to realize it was closed for the holidays. Totally our bad, but our tastebuds cried a bit. We LOVE this place, it is our favorite place in Nola for crawfish. Not too spicy, but packed with cajun flavor.

Charlie’s Restaurant & Catering

Compared to Casanova’s, it is hard to be thrilled about this place. But we really enjoyed this for the comfort food! Excellent comfort food, fried catfish with their special crawfish sauce.

Dat Dog

A hot dog covered in crawfish etoufee when you have had too much to drink?! Best thing ever.

Bouttes Bayou Restaurant

Shrimp po boy. ALL DAY LONG. We really enjoyed this hole in the wall place, the service was wonderful! Lovely people.


Kinda disappointed with this meal. We loved one guy there who lead us to our table, super outgoing and started a conversation with us, but our server was kinda stuck up. But the desert and coffee were the highlight!


Yummy gelato and delicious coffee. Not sure anything is bad here.

Southern Candymakers

Best pralines in town. Why??! Because they are so fresh. We have had some pre-packaged pralines before that grossed us out. We thought we hated them ’til my cousin told us to come here. AMAZE.


Tours we did

St. Louis #1 Cemetery Tour

We enjoyed our cemetery tour very much. I got a little bored but I am more into ghost stories and such, not as much into history. But considering both of the guys I was with love that stuff, and the cemeteries were visually interesting I had a good time. 🙂

Airboat Adventures

What an experience. The bayou is stunning, and our creole tour guide was so charming. Half the time we weren’t 100% what he was saying, but he was the loveliest man. Also, baby gator alert!

Two boys, two girls, ready for the derby! Historic house in the garden district Historic house in the garden district Foggy day in jackson square Live music on the streets of New Orleans Cemetery tour xxx Photobombing selfie

Foggy and rainy day in New Orleans

Pigeons looking out towards the Mississippi river A girl wandering the streets of new orleans Bayou in Louisiana Bayou in Louisiana Bayou in Louisiana Bayou in Louisiana Bayou in Louisiana Bayou in Louisiana Bayou in Louisiana Bayou in Louisiana Bayou in Louisiana

Hope you enjoyed this super long post to go with our super long video. We just love Nola so darn much, and had to share the goods with you.

xoxoxo Mandy

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    What kind of camera do ya’ll use? The pictures are incredible!

    • Reply Kevin June 15, 2017 at 4:15 pm

      A few of there are from our point-n-shoot (Sony RX100 M4), but most of them are an iPhone 7 Plus. That phone has such a wonderful camera, and being in NOLA in the bloom didn’t hurt!

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