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Patagonia, AZ

February 7, 2017

Fresh from Marfa, we made the trek to Patagonia, AZ. Why in such a rush? We (I) really wanted to be in Sedona for Christmas, so we were kinda hustling our way out there. We had stayed outside of Tucson before, but didn’t know about Patagonia. We ended up falling in love with this little town, the people, the coffee shop, and the amazing grocery store (Red Mountain Foods). Not to mention we loved our boondocking spot in Coronado National Forest.

We decided since we were arriving so late in the evening that we should park at an RV park to stock up on water, dump, and scout out great spots the following day to park. It made finding the perfect boondocking spot for the week a cinch. However, when we got back to our camper after finding the best spot we discovered a little bird somehow got inside our camper while we were gone… How? Probably because the slide out didn’t fit all the way out. The dogs seemed to not care, but Grizzly had it cornered under the couch. Luckily he was not bleeding and didn’t seem injured at all except for his tail feathers were pulled out. We got him outside as we packed up, after he calmed down he was hopping around and seemed to be OK. Phew.

As we got settled in our boondocking spot we couldn’t be more excited to be all by ourselves in this beautiful national forest. I got caught up with my wedding photography editing! I hate being behind with that, so it felt amazing to finish up. We celebrated by heading into Patagonia for some grocery shopping/ exploring. A tiny but adorable town. What I was most excited about was making our fifth wheel gingerbread house as we celebrated 1 year in keystone (our camper)! Such an amazing journey it has been so far living in our little home, and we are still so in love.

We decided we needed some exercise after all of our Christmas-y junk food lately, so we took a walk on the Arizona National Scenic Trail. What a gorgeous hike it was! If I had the proper shoes (ended up getting them in Flagstaff), we would have been out longer. Tennis shoes are not the correct shoes to wear… We have also since learned that the cholla cactus is pronounced “cho-ya” not “ch-olla” which we were sad about because we have this “holla at the cholla”saying that we would say every time we saw them… Now, I guess we can say “hi-ya cho’ya”? lol

Because a lovely lady who owned a shop in Patagonia recommended it, we decided to cross the border into Mexico to check it out.It was super easy to get into Mexico, literally no one talked to us, and we just walked through! On the way back however we had about a 40 minute wait. We are glad we did it, as it was eye opening, and a true experience. They had a cute market with lots of unique gifts, and funny people trying to get you into their shops. To be honest, we don’t know anything about Mexico, and didn’t do a lot of research about eating there, so we wimped out and ate on the other side of the border.

After that we got ready to head to Sedona, AZ for Christmas! Enjoy our little episode below:



Where we ate

Gathering Grounds

Great service, great sandwiches, great baked goods. This place is a must stop if you are in Patagonia. Artichoke melt!!

Cochina La Ley Mexican Seafood

O.M.G. If you are near this area this place is drool worthy. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Eat everything. We toyed with going back for dinner but decided we should go somewhere else. SO cheap too.


What we cooked

Hot Cocoa: DELISH. We ended up using about half the amount of sugar, and a bit more than a pinch of salt.

Lemon Bars, I wanted to make a little homemade something to send with our gifts for Christmas.


Golden doodle wearing sombrero Cute Christmas decorations for a small space RV Christmas decorations Golden doodle cuddling on the couch Cats with their heads tilted Girl and her goldendoodle cuddling Gray and white cat sleeping Mini Christmas tree in a camper Two dogs cuddling in a renovated camper German shorthaired pointer dog smiling Stars in the Arizona desert Coronado National Forest view Golden doodle running around in the tall grass tall desert grass Tall desert Grass and a german shorthaired pointer A keystone fifth wheel parked in the tall desert grass German shorthaired pointer pointing in tall grass Dog shaking off water Hot cocoa in a yeti with snowman marshmallows fifth wheel gingerbread house Fifthwheel gingerbread house pets cuddling in a camper Man hiking the Arizona trail Sights while hiking the Arizona Trail Sights while hiking the Arizona Trail Sights while hiking the Arizona Trail Sights while hiking the Arizona Trail Sights while hiking the Arizona Trail



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  • Reply Tracey McCarthy June 23, 2017 at 2:06 am

    My husband and I I’ve exactly like you both. We just bought a 2000 cardinal 5th wheel. It’s in almost new condition, funny thing it’s the same color scheme and setup as ours. I’ve always have had trailers but to afraid to paint the walls and wood. Do you have to prime it 1st? Life is so much better when you focus on your dreams, not just go along with what everyone thinks is best for you. As long as I have my husband and our boy Tucker. Our 13 year old Shepard, chow, hound mix. Well do anything for him. Would love to see how easy it was to pul, the carpet, and lay down the floor. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Reply Mandy Holesh August 6, 2017 at 8:36 pm

      Don’t be scared! We just dove in and did it, two years later everything is holding up perfectly. Except the hardware. That didn’t hold up at all paint wise. We primed then painted separately! Good luck with everything Tracey!!

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