Quartzsite RV Life

Quartzsite, AZ

August 28, 2017

Ah, Quartzsite. What a strange, yet, intriguing gem you are. Honestly, I loved it here. It is a great mix of flea market, snow birds, and carnival food. Though I might be a bit biased because I was in such a great place mentally. I got my first tools for silversmithing while we were parked here, and made my first ring! But the part that blew me away was there was a rock and gem show going on while we were there. Which is basically an amazing convention type thing that has lots of amazing gemstones, jewelry making tools, and little donuts. I was in heaven. We had no idea this was happening while we were parked here, it was serendipitous that we decided to check out the “flea market” in town and it was the gem show that happens every year. ✨

However, if you don’t care about gem shows, snow birds, or carnival food you may not like it here much. There isn’t much going on, there is one grocery store and maybe 2 restaurants, then whatever events may be happening but that’s it. Which is why if you watched our video Kev was going stir crazy. He had to bring his laptop to the apple store to get it fixed and didn’t have it for the majority of our time in Quartzsite. He didn’t know what to do with himself. Which made him super cranky and annoying… (love you babe)

The place we parked was about 40 minutes outside of the Quartzsite. That was perfect for us because we could easily drive into “town” or just enjoy our peace and quiet in Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. WHAT.A.VIEW. and pretty darn good internet. Only downside? Cholla. Funny because we always called it “chol-la” when really it is pronounced “cho-ya”… But it’s the nastiest cactus we have ever discovered. Some serious spikes that the pups ran into a few times.

One of our highlights while staying outside of Quartzsite was meeting a couple fellow RVers! We got to hang out with @wheeledandfree and @meantforadventure. It is always so fun to hang out with people our age on the road, sadly we only got to do breakfast with them before they headed into Mexico! After chatting with them I discovered that Crystal Hill does indeed have little baby crystals on it! After seeing their little baby finds, I knew I had to see for myself. I found some! And really enjoyed looking for them.

Slowly but surely we are getting caught up! Two videos for you!

If you are curious about our Christmas decorations, I didn’t really go into detail much. But I only let myself keep that little container of decorations year round, but we have a small budget that we spend every year decorating. I mostly find decorations at goodwill/target/dollar stores or DIY stuff to make our camper transform into a cozy winter wonderland. But at the end of the holidays it doesn’t make sense to bring the stuff with us all year long, so I donate most of it.

I am cringing watching myself work on my ring. I am holding the saw the wrong way and I am moving my torch too quickly. Things I learned further down the road. Now I am making and selling jewelry! What a difference 9 months makes! Holy cow, cannot believe it’s been 9 months… 😓 But check out my jewelry here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/theroadtosilver


 Where we ate

We didn’t eat out while in Quartzsite, but we DID eat the donuts at the gemshow!

What we cooked

Tomato Basil Soup and grilled cheese, perfect comfort food in my opinion!

Where we stayed

Palm Canyon in Kofa National Wildlife Refuge Highly recommend this spot! So many places to park, and it is a very quiet place not far from Quartzsite!


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