Salton Sea

Salton Sea, CA

September 4, 2017

We leave the desert of Arizona for the desert in California. But we heard about this sea in the middle of the desert and were intrigued. After reading more about it we knew that it smelled bad and that there is a ton of dead fish everywhere. So needless to say we decided to check it out. 😅

This place is gorgeous, amazing sunsets, and lots of birdlife. But super weird. With dead barnacles and dead fish everywhere it made it hard to get past the smell. If you want to learn more about the Salton Sea watch this:

We worked A LOT at this place. Sadly, didn’t do a whole lot of fun stuff, mostly home stuff like cooking, working, cleaning, electrical work and I made a lot of rings! Thus our vlogs here are kinda boring except for some pretty time lapses, our adorable pets, and some cooking stuff.

But we did have one fun day out to LA to visit Kev’s sister, Laura! We really enjoyed getting out of the camper and exploring.

Some fun highlights

  • We randomly parked next to Love Your RV and got to chat with them a bit!
  • We got these surprise mugs from @mugsysupplyhouse and they made us SO freaking happy.
  • We really enjoyed our visit to LA to see Laura! (in the second vlog video)


What we cooked

French Baguettes highly recommend this recipe. Delicious, especially when made into grilled cheese.

Potato Gnocchi we try a different recipe every time and we always add our own spin on it. But we follow this one pretty closely.

Chicken Roast. We never follow a recipe for this one! It is a frequent one in our home. Mostly you buy a good quality chicken, slice the skin open in a few places, shove butter in those places, put butter on the top, salt & pepper & garlic powder all over the chicken, cut up some onions and potatoes to sit in the pan while the chicken roasts. 350 for about 1 hour and 15 mins! Voila!

Where we ate

We didn’t eat anywhere good near the Salton Sea, but we thoroughly enjoyed dinner in Santa Ana while visiting Laura. Tandoori India Cuisine I got the Palak Paneer which was freaking incredible and the garlic naan was also delish.

Where we parked

Salt Creek Beach Campground dry camping and the place was pretty nice, we paid $15 a night! GPS: 33.4445, -115.8465

(Sadly, the only professional photo I took of this place is the main image, the rest below are iphone photos, but you still can see a bit of our stay)

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